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CO2 reduction instead of mere compensation –  for companies and municipalities.

What is MobyGreen?

MobyGreen is a mobility tracker that helps companies and municipalities to make the mobility of their employees and citizens greener via a smartphone app. The app differentiates between cycling and driving, walking, and trips by public transport.

Automatic recognition 
of the mobility type by smartphone sensors

Evaluates every car trip according to ecological criteria

Motivates to more ecological mobility

Why should all companies and communities use MobyGreen?

Sustainability and green mobility are playing a bigger role in people’s lives every day. Companies and municipalities should also jump on this bandwagon.

Success of mobility programs
Measure (e.g. public transport ticket)

Supports an active culture towards ecological mobility

Figures, data, facts for external and internal presentation (e.g. ESG reporting)


The dashboard at a glance: Numbers, data, facts – with MobyGreen you can make the success of your mobility programs measurable, also for ESG reporting.

Mobility mix

Here you can see the aggregated mobility behavior of the app users in the selected period. The data is only available in anonymized form. Data of individual users cannot be viewed via the dashboard.

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint tells you how much CO2 the average user consumes compared to the average Central European and how the carbon footprint has changed over the selected period.


In the management dashboard, you can define measures for greener mobility as events and see how they affect the mobility behavior of users.

MobyDrive score

The MobyDrive Score shows you how ecologically the user drives the car in the selected period. The acceleration and braking values are decisive for this.

Manage measures

In the detailed view, all measures can be checked for their effectiveness. In addition, new measures can be added as events at any time.

Filter mobility type

There are various filter options within the respective measure. You can filter by reference period or by mobility type.

Key data at a glance

Notes and key data can be entered for each measure. This way, you have all the information in one place and can better compare individual measures.

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Market Launch
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